About Us

InvestoSure was founded by a group of young, curious, solution-driven individuals with a vision to disrupt the financial investments sector. We believe that a majority of this great country’s population is unaware of the true potential of their wealth. HNIs are able to hire the best financial advisors to formulate their investment portfolios, and as a result reap the benefits of investing. It is alarming to know that 73% of the wealth generated in India in 2017 went into the hands of the richest 1% of the population.

The average person however prefers to keep their money in a savings account rather than invest it, which is a blatant waste of funds that can be used for more productive purposes. Further, it does not help that currently the investment industry is more product driven than consumer driven. Distributors push products that fetch them the highest commission, with no regard to the needs of the client. It is true that investing is a risky subject and you may also lose money. But each one of us is losing more money by not participating in markets. The key to good investing is asset allocation, discipline and avoiding bad apples. After that, volatility or ups and downs is the second nature of the market. Sticking to your asset allocation and avoiding that animal called greed is the best way to ensure that your money grows and grows well.

We at InvestoSure are looking to help each of our clients with this to enable them to get the most out of their money, while being comfortable with the risk that they are exposed to.

Our Approach

Personalized Financial Planning

The questionnaire we designed helps assess your risk profile, and our propriety algorithm then suggests an asset allocation that best represents your risk appetite. The algorithm also optimizes your portfolio by selecting funds that show the least covariance within your asset allocation. This helps during times of economic slowdowns, where such a portfolio will reduce the overall impact of the downturn on your invested amount.

Portfolio Rebalancing

Our algorithm also continuously monitors your portfolio, and gives suggestions for Portfolio Reallocation whenever corrective actions need to be taken, or profits need to be booked to ensure that you get the maximum returns as per your risk score.

Secure Transactions

The transactions are fully secure as the transaction takes place through the BSE, where you directly get the units into your account from the BSE. InvestoSure is officially registered with the industry regulator SEBI and with AMFI, UIDAI, and BSE. All our data and web services are hosted with 24x7 physical and electronic security and our network communications are secured with 256-bit encryption.

Zero Fees

We let you buy mutual funds from the top mutual fund houses with a great portfolio recommendation and portfolio management system.