The Journey to InvestoSure

  • Vikash Singh

The Journey towards InvestoSure

The story goes back to my school when I suddenly came across the magazine Dalal street on the railway station. Seeing the ups and downs of stocks, I had a discussion with my parents who told me that stock markets nothing more than gambling. And assured me that this is not something to make a career in, and the path to a successful life goes through IITs and I went to Kota to prepare for JEEs.

Looking back, I think failing to qualify JEE is the best thing that happened to me because I entered the domain of finance after wasting 3 years for JEE preparation, and could have achieved a lot more if I would have been involved in this area since then.

When I look back to my days after the failure to crack JEEs, I was desperate to prove myself in the field of finance, and in fact, I had lost more than a lakh rupees trading in commodities and stocks.

What changed this?

It was my job at DE Shaw. That is where I realized the ins and outs of the Capital markets, and how actually does professional trading take place from my seniors. After a period of 3 months, I left that because I couldn’t see a really great learning experience there anymore and started trading on a more personal level, but this time, making a lot better profits, as I received the recognition from my broker for being profitable regularly for a period of 60 days thrice, something that is awarded to the most profitable traders in this domain.

Things went pretty smoothly from there, but as everyone knows that in India you need a job to keep your parents happy. So, I took a job at Futures First, where I worked for, but that is when the entrepreneurship bug bit me, and I decided to have my own venture.

Being in this area, I always spent my time studying the financial products and services available to us. The most interesting thing I found is that whenever I went to the bank, the bank manager would suggest me a few for the bank, without knowing my goals and requirements. The same thing happened when one of my relatives approached me for the insurance plans.

This is when I realized the opportunities available in this market. But the point is that a startup requires a really great team, which I didn’t have . Anyways, I had earlier invested in media which was a startup by my friend and this became the reason how I found the team I could rely on for my dream project.

I had gone for a client meeting to Delhi in one of the co-working spaces where I met my three co-founders who had been deeply interested in doing a and had been planning for a startup in the finance sector. Two of them being Aayush and Madhur, who were then working as interns in the finance industry while the last one being Mayank, who had the knowledge of marketing and product development that is required for a successful company.

That meeting is when InvestoSure was born. With a vision to disrupt the financial investments sector. We feel that most people are unaware to reach the real potential of their money because of a lack of proper financial planning. In fact, the high net-worth individuals actually invest money in various financial products, because they have enough resources to make the best decisions, but it should not be limited to them. This is where we come in to provide the best financial SOLUTIONS TO EVERYONE catered to their needs.

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Vikash Singh

Vikash Singh is a seasoned trader who has traded all asset classes across all time frames. He has worked with some big names like D.E. Shaw and Futures First, before deciding to start his own venture. He is truly passionate and in love with financial markets.