Why InvestoSure?

We at InvestoSure aim to provide our clients with the best possible investment plan. To do this, we have built an algorithm that suggests a portfolio to you based on our questionnaire, and we are confident it best represents your risk appetite and expected returns. We work on a no-commission basis while dealing with Mutual Funds in order to ensure that our clients get the best possible returns for their portfolio.

Our algorithm also continuously monitors your portfolio, and gives suggestions for Portfolio Reallocation whenever corrective actions need to be taken, or profits need to be booked to ensure that you get the maximum returns as per your risk score.

At InvestoSure, we are passionate about helping each of our clients realize the true potential of their wealth, and we are confident that the returns will pleasantly surprise you.

What are the guarantees of returns?

Mutual funds, at the end of the day, also invest in securities that are traded openly in either the stock markets or the debt markets, and thus are subject to market risk. No scheme can provide a guarantee that the investment objective will be achieved.

But looking at the past performance, it can be seen that despite ups and downs, mutual funds have proven to be the best option for people who don’t have the time or inclination to be heavily involved in managing an investment portfolio, but still want to generate returns on their money that can only be seen in the stock markets.

There might be economic slumps sometimes, but that never means that the economy will never recover. India is a developing country and will see massive economic growth in the coming years, and mutual funds give an average person a golden opportunity to participate in that economic growth.

When can I withdraw my money?

When you invest in a mutual fund, you buy units of the scheme. These units can be redeemed at any time and the respective amount will be returned to you. However, some schemes charge exit loads for a period of time after your investment. It is advisable to read these conditions beforehand.

Why do you charge us while other websites don’t?

At InvestoSure, we deal with direct funds that do not pay us a single paisa of commission when sold. But the returns of these are much superior to Regular Plans that most other Mutual Fund Distributors deal with. The expense ratio (i.e. the amount charged by the fund for sustaining its operations) for Regular

Plans are higher than that of Direct Plans. This is because when you invest in a direct plan, the AMC does not have to pay a commission to the distributors, and thus they do not charge distributor expenses/trail fees/transaction charges.

We charge a nominal fee from our investors for the services that we provide. While the other websites market their services as FREE, they actually receive a commission from the AMC of the Mutual Fund you invest in. This adversely affects the returns that your portfolio generates over time, as part of your invested amount is paid to the distributors.

How do I know that my money has been invested in the recommended funds?

Your money goes directly to mutual fund companies and an investment account, identified with a unique Folio Number is opened directly with these companies. Post successful processing of your transaction, your investment proof and folio details will always be available on your InvestoSure Profile dashboard. In addition to this, all mutual fund companies will also send the folio details and monthly statement on your registered email address.

How do you recommend funds?

The questionnaire we designed helps assess your risk profile, and our propriety algorithm then suggests an asset allocation that best represents your risk appetite. The funds we select are based on past returns. While past performance is not a guarantee of future returns, it is an indication of the ability of the fund manager. Once the top performing funds are selected, we then use Modern Portfolio Theory, a mathematical framework proposed by the Nobel Prize winning economist Harry Markowitz, and based on the work of other Nobel Prize winners like William F. Sharpe and Merton Miller, in order to select a combination of funds that show the least covariance within your asset allocation. This helps during times of economic slowdowns, where such a portfolio will reduce the overall impact of the downturn on your invested amount.

How secure is my money?

We take the security of all our users, data and transactions very seriously. Our systems are encrypted using bank grade security. The money you invest is also directly sent to the respective Mutual Fund Companies without touching InvestoSure’s bank account.

When is the right time to invest in Mutual Funds?

It is said that yesterday was the best day to start your investments. If you missed it, you should start your investments today. Delaying it further will only forgo some extra returns. As said by Nilesh Shah, the MD of Kotak Mutual Fund, it is not the timing that matters, but the time you stay in the market that makes you money.